About the Store

“…highest quality products sourced from Louisiana farms…”

At Southern Farms Specialty Meats, we’re not just another meat retailer. We are a community-driven establishment, dedicated to a mission of providing our customers with the highest quality products sourced from Louisiana farms and businesses.

We believe in the power of community and the unmatched value of supporting local. By choosing Southern Farms Specialty Meats, you are not only getting the best from your community but also contributing to the sustainability and prosperity of South Louisiana.


The owners and operators of Southern Farms Specialty Meats are both U.S. Marine Corps veterans.

The heart and soul behind our brand is the bond forged through service and self-sacrifice. This enduring camaraderie continues to thrive through our ongoing commitment to our community and fellow veterans, as we make our mark in the Southern Louisiana community.

About Our Products

At Southern Farms Specialty Meats, our goal is simple: to source as many of our products as possible from Louisiana farms and businesses. This commitment means keeping business within our community, from the farmers who tend our lands to the slaughterhouses that process our meats with care.

Our range includes everything from fresh cuts and ready-to-cook meats to specialty items like sausages and boudin.

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